The Founder


Sal Whatman, founder of Universal Armour has been delivering health services to the Western Australian corporate sector for the past 15 years and to Elite Athletes & Professional Sporting Teams for the past 18 years to date, beginning her career at the Australian Institute of Sport. Combining several of her health professional certifications and using the skills, experience and knowledge gathered from her extensive time spent within the health industry and high sports performance fields, she has taken common factors that have limited ones performance and incorporated support for these factors through the use of carefully selected high quality pure essential oils. Expertly blended formulas that consist of a combined mixture of natural molecular components to help individuals consistently perform at their full potential and discreetly assist with the self management of stress and improved wellbeing.


A Note From The Founder:

“Unfortunately in life we can’t avoid certain situations and stress related circumstances that throws us off balance, but we can assist our bodies and minds in managing and creating a protective barrier against these stressors before they begin to impact on our health, happiness and wellbeing. From the combined help of my extensive career within this field and my versatile clientele, I’ve successfully created a range of unique 100% natural products, predominately Essential Oil driven that can effectively assist with Performance, Mood Management and Protection from Environmental & Energetic Hazards” - Sal