OPEN-EYED Car Diffuser

The OPEN-EYED Car Diffuser has been professionally formulated to help improve driver safety by encouraging the mind to remain awake, sharp and attentive for the duration of your commute. The sharp and fresh aroma can cut through grogginess to help promote clarity, focus and energy, whilst the crisp aroma diffuses throughout your vehicle and freshens car interior


“I had a lady come in yesterday and she asked me to thank you on her behalf. She gives the Just Chill to her anxious partner and believes that it is the only remedy that calms her down”

Botanix Health, WA 

I sniffed the sh*t out of the Unf*ck Yourself Inhaler while my husband was having heart surgery and it honestly kept me calm and helped SO much!! This product isn’t just a fun gimmick!”

Caroline, NSW

“My work colleague broke up with her boyfriend and was inconsolable. I gave her your Unf*ck Yourself Inhaler and she stopped crying almost immediately! How cool is that!”

Michelle, WA

“Amazing! My Rescue Dog has suffered from Anxiety for as long as I’ve had him. Up until using your oil (Calm The Farm), nothing including medication has helped him. Literally within minutes of applying your oil on the back of his neck, he was calm and content. Thank you so much!”

Clare, WA

“At first I bought this oil (Unf*ck Yourself) purely for the name but to my amazement, it actually worked and fast! The name of this blend fits the purpose perfectly!”

Kate, VIC