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After delivering health services to the Western Australian corporate sector for the past 18 years and creating a library of experience and knowledge, we’ve taken common factors that have limited ones performance within the workplace and have incorporated support for these symptoms with a unique, cost effective and state-of-the-art product-service system thats helping staff and companies to consistently perform and thrive at their highest potential. 

“As a leader in both their fields (massage therapy & essential oil formulations), the combination of their methods offers a superior service thats been incomparable to anything we’ve used in the past” - E Projects, WA 

By merging together specific corporate massage techniques with our powerful corporate focused therapeutic grade essential oils, your staff will experience a much more advanced and beneficial treatment that can have exceptional effects on their health, well-being and productivity in only 6 minutes! When these two holistic remedies are combined correctly by our highly trained Corporate Armour therapists, their individual benefits are amplified and can help significantly in decreasing stress, replenishing a tired mind and adrenals, supporting & strengthening the immune system and switching on the bodies process to optimal health and well-being.


  • Reduce stress by up to 85%
  • Better manage stress and anxiety, both professionally and personally
  • Remain calm and grounded
  • Decrease depression and improve mood 
  • Increase productivity and be more time efficient
  • Communicate better and provide high client satisfaction
  • Efficiently complete tasks
  • Meet high pressure deadlines
  • Adopt better coping strategies in high pressure situations
  • Rejuvenate a tired mind
  • Reduce lethargy and burnout
  • Be more attentive, focused and motivated
  • Make less mistakes
  • Improve clarity, concentration & creativity
  • Have better attention to detail
  • Better absorb new information
  • Allow for better multi-tasking
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease headaches
  • Relieve muscle pain and tension
  • Prevent repetitive strain injuries 
  • Increase Immune System function 
  • Increase Energetic Vibrational Frequency
  • Provide health management during work hours, helping staff who don’t have the time for health services after hours 


  • Reduce the costs related to absenteeism, mental stress and/or injury compensation claims, staff turn over and the hiring and training of new staff
  • Proactively demonstrate that your staffs health and well-being is been made a priority
  • Improve overall performance of your company due to having much happier, healthier and productive employees
  • Improve your customers experience by providing them with kind, helpful and efficient customer service 
  • Retain high performing employees
  • Reduce workplace stress, anxiety and pressure
  • Boost team morale
  • Provide a cost effective and tax deductible item

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HOW OUR TREATMENTS WORK: All our seated massages include an individual Universal Armour therapeutic grade essential oil patch for inhalation (only a few drops are used and won’t effect surrounding employees). Each employee can make their oil choice of either Stress, Mental Fatigue or Immune Support. When these powerful molecules are absorbed into the limbic brain and bloodstream through inhalation, they can help significantly in decreasing stress and anxiety, replenishing a tired mind and adrenals, supporting & strengthening the immune system and increasing overall health and well-being. Combining these oils with specialised corporate massage techniques further encourages the body to switch off the stress response and switch on efficiency and productivity.

METHOD: All massages are conducted fully clothed and can either be conducted at the employees workstation or in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair. **Recommended: Workstation massages are a safer and more hygienic option and also allow us to seamlessly incorporate our services with zero hassle, disruption and organisation 

TREATMENT DURATION: Massage durations can vary from 6 minutes to 30 minutes 

PRICES: Receive the ‘First 30 minutes for FREE’ with your first Corporate Armour workplace booking

  1. Company Funded: $85 per/hour, per/therapist + GST
  2. Employee Funded: $15 for 10 minutes / $20 for 15 minutes
  3. Parking: We will cover the first 3 hours. Each additional hour will be added to your invoice, or billed to your company separately if the service is Employee Funded


  • Highly qualified, trained and compassionate therapists. Sal Whatman, founder of Universal Armour and Corporate Armour has been delivering health services to the Western Australian corporate sector for the past 18 years and to Elite Athletes & Professional Sporting Teams for the past 20 years to date, beginning her career at the Australian Institute of Sport ~ All our staff are qualified massage therapists that then undergo extra training with our founder to further advance their corporate massage techniques and increase their knowledge on essential oils, energetic frequencies, nutrition, physical fitness and specialised breathing techniques. A holistically powerful approach that offers your staff a highly effective treatment as well as the skills to then continue on self managing their health and well-being between treatments 
  • Corporate focused essential oils professionally formulated and supplied by Universal Armour. A reputable brand that is sold in over 100 locations Australia wide. Corporate targeted formulas that are expertly blended to consist of a combined mixture of molecular components that specifically assist with the management of corporate stress, burnout and mental lethargy. Every treatment will include the staffs essential oil choice of either Stress, Mental Fatigue/Burnout or Immune Support
  • Universal Armour discount code. Given Universal is our affiliated brand, we are in the unique position to provide your staff with an on-going discount code that will extend across the entire Universal Armour online store, offering a variety of health and wellness support from a reputable brand to assist with their individual needs. The permanent discount code makes it more affordable for your staff and their family to gain high quality and Australian made health and wellness products at a fraction of the RRP price. Encouraging your staff to adopt a more healthier lifestyle and/or improve their general health and well-being 
  • Hygiene supplies. Hand sanitiser, face masks, ergonomic massage chair cleaning materials. If stocks allow, our therapists will undergo  regular COVID RAT tests
  • Travel costs. Time, petrol and public transport
  • Parking. If needed, for the first 3 hours

Company funded sessions will be placed on an invoice and emailed to your accounts department post session. If you receive multiple sessions per month, all sessions for that one month will be included on the same invoice. Staff funded is to be paid with cash or card at the time of treatment. 

Your staffs health and safety is of our highest priority. To ensure this, each Corporate Armour therapist will be following the below guidelines:

  • Discreetly ask the staff member if they have experienced any previous neck, back or shoulder injuries or surgeries. If yes, they will then ask further questions to assess the risk
  • Discreetly ask the staff member if they are on any pain medication. If yes, ask further questions to access the risk 
  • Use hand sanitiser after every individual massage
  • Wear a face mask when mandated or at the companies and/or staff members request 
  • If our ergonomic massage chairs are being used, each chair will be throughly wiped down after each treatment and new face tissue will be placed over face hole for each client. (We do recommend our workstation massage for a more assured hygienic service)
  • Encourage the staff member to drink plenty of water after each treatment to help flush out any toxins that may have been released throughout the treatment and to better assist their overall health and well-being 
  • If stocks allow, our staff will undergo regular COVID RAT tests to help prevent the spread and further protect your staff 



Medical Malpractice: AUD$10,000,000
Public & Products Liability: AUD$10,000,000