CUSTOMISED ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS - Supporting Individual Health & Wellbeing

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We understand that everyone is different and what works for one person doesn't work for the next. Universal Armour endeavour to assist and support everybody's health and wellbeing and don’t exclude individuals that either need specialised health support or can't find an established Essential Oil Blend that works for them. Universal Armour will conduct an assessment of your overall health and customise you a specialised blend that better fits and benefits YOUR exact needs.

We customise specialised blends for Adults, Teenagers, Children, Pets, Workplaces and Sporting Teams. (For Corporate/Team Branding, please see ‘Customised Blends’ on Home Page). 

Customised Blends to assist/support, but not limited too:
Adrenal Fatigue
Anxiety Control & Prevention
Behavioural Patterns/Belief Systems
Brain Fatigue
Brain Inflammation
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Concentration & Clarity
Confidence/Self Assurance & Acceptance
Cortisol Control
Digestion Disorders
Emotional Support
Energy Increase
Energetic Blockages & Protection
Hormone Balance
Immune System Support
Kidney Support
Prostate Support
Respiratory Support
Soft Tissue Injury
Thyroid Support
Vagus Nerve Activation
Weight Lose & Metabolism

Only high quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are used and are blended with either pure Jojoba Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil. All Customised Blends will come in a 10ml bottle, either pre-diluted in a convenient roll on bottle ready for immediate use or as a full concentrate to be used in a misting diffuser. All products are individually hand crafted and blended in Australia.

We can't quote you a price for the customised blend until we have created a formula, as every Essential Oil drop is priced differently depending on what the oil is, where it's from and how hard it is to harvest. 

To enquire about our customised service, simply either process this product description through the cart (free) and we will contact you, or send us a message through the contact page.