STUDY TRIUMPH - 3 Piece Inhaler Set

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3 piece inhaler set to help students safely and naturally enhance study productivity, retain information and decrease stress.   

STUDY: specialised formula to assist with concentration and the receiving of new information. Research shows that Rosemary essential oil can help increase memory and cognitive function. This combined with the vibrancy of peppermint and lemon oils can assist with mental clarity and focus

JUST CHILL: A perfectly balanced blend that helps to promote relaxation, release tension and soothe the senses. May help to ease the symptoms related to stress, overwhelm and frustration

BRAIN CHARGE: Inhale after long periods of mental strain or computer work. Can assist in rejuvenating a tired mind for renewed focus and concentration. Includes oils that are known to help with memory, cognitive function and the ability to effectively switch from one task to another

  • Cotton wick absorbs the entire 1.5 ml liquid so there’s no leaks
  • Pocket and Purse sized
  • Offers 3+ months of wellbeing 

ALUMINIUM & GLASS VESSEL: High quality aluminium shell with glass insert. Eco friendly, refillable and compact. Refills available on Inhaler page

PLASTIC VESSEL: Produces a fantastic scent throw. Dispose after 6 months of use

DIRECTIONS: For Aromatic Use Only. Inhale directly from the vessel. Use 3-5 deep inhalation’s as often as necessary

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of Children. Do not ingest. Irritation may occur if in contact with skin. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ear and sensitive areas. Consult your physician if pregnant or under a doctors care. Do not store in direct sunlight or near heat.

100% Pure Essential Oil - MADE IN AUSTRALIA. Please see individual product pages for full list of oil ingredients 


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