Universal Armour isn’t exclusive to just their range of products only and offer a unique service of customising Essential Oil blends and products to assist workplaces, retail sales/product lines or individual clients that need specific needs met. The PERFECT SCENTS service is not just limited to local workplaces and customers, allowing worldwide trades to also utilise and benefit from this unique and personalised service.

The essential oil blend that is customised for your workplace will be your companies very own exclusive scent. If you have a business that sells products, your own scent can be purchased at wholesale price, packaged to have your own business name and/or logo graphically designed onto the product label and included into your product line of which can only be available for purchase from your place of business or line. 


Pure and Organic is what the world today is gravitating towards – Our PERFECT SCENTS retail assist is allowing you, no matter what industry, to include a cost effective and unique way of offering a gorgeous health conscious addition to your shop/company’s product line that will be exclusively yours! Not only providing you with a 100% pure health benefiting product that allows a good profit return, but it will assist in anchoring a neurological link between your workplace and the customer, which in turn also increases repeat customer and trade.

All presented in Universal Armours signature style of luxury & sophisticated packaging.