MASSAGE Corporate/Workplace

Fully clothed seated massage. A regular professional massage program within your workpalce can significantly reduce tension and stress levels whilst encouraging the body and mind to become re-focused, allowing your employees to return back to work fresh and with renewed concentration. Massage durations can vary from 8 minutes to 30 minutes and can either be conducted at the employees workstation or in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair. ** Universal Armour Corporate offer a no obligation FREE appraisal and demonstration giving you the opportunity for a small group within your office to trial our service at no cost to determine if this service will be of a benefit within your organisation.

(Option 1) - $65 per hour/per therapist. Funded by your Company. Payment not required on the day of service. A tax invoice will be sent at the end of the month with all sessions from that month. We can see up to 7 people within 1 hour.

(Option 2) - Employees fund for the service them selves directly after their massage at $1 per minute.

(Option 3) - The employees and Company can split the invoice 50/50.